Arfelli, C.A. and Amorim A.F. 1993. Notes on the white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) caught off Cananéia, São Paulo-Brazil. Abstract American Elasmobranch Society Meeting, The University of Texas at Austin, 27 May-2 June 1993.

A great white shark was caught by a gill net 30 miles off Cananéia (25° 08' 88" S and 47° 15' 05 W) in water about 40 m deep, on December 8, 1992. The specimen was a female, 530 cm total length (503 cm fork length) and over 2.5 t (total weight). According to the fishermen the specimen was moribund when it was found. The dental formula of the specimen was 25/22 = 6-7117-5 / 5-616-5. Some teeth were missing but the heighest found was 48.3 mm. The perimeter of the upper jaw was 1065 mm. In the stomach, weighing about 200 kg, were found six shark's head discarded by fisherman, in different stages of digestion: two of Carcharhinus plumbeus (the larger was 30 cm head width-HDW), two probably also of C. plumbeus, Spyrna lewini (60 cm HDW, Prionace glauca (25 cm HDW), pieces of two dolphins and of a bony fish. The weight of the liver, intestinal valve, uterus, ovary, pancreas, heart, and spleen were respectively 674, 15, 13, 12, 3, 3, and 1.8 kg. Based on jaw, tooth and picture there were ten records of this species in Brazilian waters. Nevertheless, this is the first whole specimen examined. This shark is now displayed at the Victor Sadowsky Museum in Cananéia.